"Think like a terrorist"
 "Bystanders respond first"
 "Some see the glass as half-empty, some see the glass as half-full- George Carlin
    We the short people see only the half-full

 "I am really tired, when I do nothing"
 "Figure out what you want and learn how to get it"
 "Fighting the Last War: When Trying Harder is Part of the Problem"
 "Circular Reasoning is a Common Golden Trap"
 "Never stop looking for what is not there"
 "Relate Success, Accept Mistakes"
 "Too often, behind exceptional failures are people who chose to be silent rather than speaking up courageously"
 "Imbalance is the Main Trigger for Balance"
 "Teaching without values, as beneficial as it is, seems rather to make teacher a cleverer devil"
 "You cannot acquire values with money but you can acquire money with values"

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